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Praise for Ship Sooner:

“Sullivan’s singular achievement is to make us feel what it’s like inside Ship’s head. There’s not a scene or action that doesn’t reverberate with what Ship hears.”

 —Washington Post Book World


“Lyrical. . . well-wrought. . .with an edge of magical realism: Carson McCullers meets Alice Hoffman.”

Baltimore Sun


“Ship Sooner stays with you long after you put it down.”

Chicago Sunday Tribune


“Mary Sullivan has created the quintessential metaphor for a coming-of-age tale: a girl who is trying to find her own voice in a world that is literally louder than life for her. Ship Sooner is that rare novel with perfect pitch.

 —Jodi Picoult


“In this honestly rendered tale, Mary Sullivan gives us a protagonist we can’t help but love: Ship Sooner, who hears far more than she wants to, including the cry of her own heart, and ours. This is a lovely and redemptive novel.”

Andre Dubus III


“Mary Sullivan’s sentences are beautiful—gentle and hard at the same time, and she builds the book honestly and with command sentence by sentence. Ship Sooner somehow captures the dimly remembered childhood sense of the world as an amalgam of sex, horror, mystery, and beauty. What an accomplishment.”

David Mamet


Praise for Stay:

“Mary Sullivan’s meticulous and menacing first novel. . .” is told “. . . in a convincing and precise fashion.”

 —The New York Times Book Review


“Mary Sullivan can write.  There isn’t a false note in Stay. . .just clear, funny, beautiful writing.”

 —David Mamet


“Seamlessly, inexorably, the story builds towards its terrifying climax. . . it is safe to say that Sullivan has created something magical, haunting, indelible.”



“The story’s dark premise is sweetened with bits of childhood nostalgia.  You’ll cheer for Emily as she comes to terms with her twin brother’s death.”


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