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DEAR BLUE SKY (Puffin Books) is now out in paperback!

Friendship, family, and war from opposite sides of the front lines


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". . . the book’s most powerful stroke comes when Cassie discovers the blog of an Iraqi girl her age who calls herself “Blue Sky” and describes the bloody chaos of war and her shattered life. The two begin e-mailing each other about their very different lives, and their correspondence runs throughout the book.

“It’s hard to imagine bombs falling and snipers shooting on the way to school,” Cassie writes. “I try to be strong but many times I shake at night,” Blue Sky writes. Together, they trade strategies for dealing with panic attacks, and in their connection, Cassie discovers both a dark truth about the world and a way to appreciate her own life, diminished as it is by Sef’s absence and her family’s other problems. “This is truth,” Blue Sky tells her. “No one is happy about a thing until it is lost.”

Maria Russo is a frequent contributor to the Book Review.



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Dear Blue Sky



"Hope" is the thing with feathers—

That perches in the soul—

And sings the tune without the words—

And never stops—at all—


Emily Dickinson



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